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East Cape, Baja Mexico

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Rancho Leonero, located on the East Cape of Baja, may as well be renamed Rancho Relaxo. It is one of the finest fishing resorts in Baja California with a nice fleet of sport fishers and guides that will leave everyone satisfied. Don't feel like cruising the inshore or offshore waters? Rancho Leonero is excellent for those looking for the perfect DIY fishing destination. Easily paired with an ATV, you can cruise the shoreline looking for the elusive and beautiful rooster fish or going toe to fin with some giant bruiser jacks. When you book your trip, all your food is included. If you are heading out for an excursion, the kitchen will prepare your lunch to take with you on the boat or from shore. With only 34 rooms at the resort, you will never feel over crowded or locked in.

Always looking for that compromise with fishing and your family? Look no further. With the ocean front pool, an incredible ocean reef for snorkeling or the various kayaks and boards on the beach - you can easily slip away for a few minutes to a full day without being noticed by your family. Excursions to the nearby villages or tourist destinations can be arranged ahead of time so that you don't need to worry when you get there. Scored a boat load of fish but only booked one day? No problem. A mere notification at dinner to the fishing coordinator at the resort will get you setup with no fuss. All of these conveniences, yet affordable and won't break the bank.


There are four types of rooms available: Ocean View Bungalow, Garden View Bungalow, Deluxe & Standard Rooms. All of the rooms come with 2 queen size beds & attached restroom. Bungalow units feature a private patio that is awesome to relax in at the end of the night or just between fishing and snorkeling sessions.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included for each guest staying at Rancho Leonero. Please visit the individual unit you are looking for to get a better idea of the cost.
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Late Spring - Early Fall
Seasons depend on what species you plan on targeting.

Gear & Equipment

You will receive a comprehensive travelers guide when you book your trip that will include detailed information regarding gear selection. With advanced notice, we can provide gear for you. Here are some items we suggest:

  • When you arrive at the resort, you will need to purchase a fishing license for every day you plan on fishing from a boat. You do NOT need a fishing license when fishing from shore; however, its best to check at the hotel desk in case conditions change.
  • Rods:
    • 6 - 12 wt, 9' fast action fly rods.
    • #6 - #8/#9 for fishing the reef fish or along shore for many species up to about twenty lbs
    • #10 If you plan on targeting larger Roosters & Jacks from shore or for dorado by boat
    • #12+ if you plan on dragging some Tuna or larger dorado
  • Reel: Good matching disc drag large arbor reel with 300’ of backing with a tropical saltwater line. We recommend RIO outbound short tropical lines or Airflo tropical lines. We seem to have the best performance from these lines. Mostly integrated sink lines seem to work the best, but you may occasionally find a need to bring a good floating line for when the fish are munching on the surface.
  • Flies: You’ll need a good selection of flies depending on the type of fishing you plan on doing. Pretty much all your standard saltwater baitfish, shrimp & bonefish flies work for the fish in Baja. The most productive patterns imitate the Sardinas that are common in the area. For fishing the reef area, bring standard baitfish or shrimp patterns. Here is a list of flies we like to take on our trips.
  • Leaders: pre made leaders can be purchased from nearly every store, but we find its easier to tie your own leader based on the fish you want to catch. From shore, tapering to 10lb - 12lb leader material is sufficient.. for bigger fish, you may need to bring upwards of 100lb leader material. Bring a good selection… While fly fishing is popular in the area, flies and equipment are not.

  • You may find it handy to bring a good pair of aluminum pliers / cutters.
  • Polarized Sunglasses & a backup
  • Waterproof Boat bag
  • Lightweight windbreaker or jacket
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Waterproof waist or chest pack. Or even a good backpack / hydration pack that can carry water and a couple boxes of flies.
  • Light, synthetic flowing clothes that dry quickly. It can get extremely hot in Baja, so make sure you are covered up. Sunscreen sometimes gets too messy and you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t get on your fly line. A better option would be long sleeve shirts or long casting gloves, long “tech” pants.
  • A nice light colored cap or hat
  • Coban or some stretchy tape to protect your fingers from your fly line. Your hands take a beating out there and inevitably, you end up cutting your hand just stripping lines through your fingers.
  • A “Buff” to protect your face and neck from the constant sun. The reflection on the sun does a number on your face and your eyes. Most people forget to continue to put sunscreen on, especially after they hold fish. A good “Buff” helps this out tremendously.

Trip Costs

Trip costs depend on the type of occupancy you would like to stay in and how many days you want to pre-order the boats and when you plan on visiting Baja. Prices from from just o Food is included with the price; however, your bar tab isn’t. Lunch is provided for you at the boat; however, you will need to arrange it with “Eddie” the night before your trip.

Not included in the price is your transportation to Cabo San Lucas & round trip shuttle fees.