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AquaCulture Outfitters
AquaCulture Outfitters
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AquaCulture Outfitters

About AquaCulture Outfitters

In 2005, Joe & his buddy Dave started a small charter company named Latitude 32 Sportfishing focusing on light tackle and fly fishing in the saltwater. They made lots of friends, contacts and caught tons of fish. Inevitably all good things end, and Dave decided to quit the company and move out of state.

AquaCulture Outfitters officially started in 2011 while a group of friends were tying flies over a bar room table, talking about casting, fishing and relationships. Ideas became refined through the trip, and simple conversation developed into designs drawn on napkins which inevitably led to the the idea of designing better apparel that reached a common lifestyle involving water.

The true seed thought for the company, began in a basement / bedroom where the founder of ACO created a small clothing line for his friends called "Liquid Corduroy". The designs were simple, but a few screens and some blank tee shirts later, friends of friends began wearing the clothing.

While many dreams were lost and broken since then, AquaCulture Outfitters has risen again to fill the void for people who want to wear a lifestyle apparel that couldn't be purchased at your local Costco. In essence, something for real water people.

Our company is in its infancy, but we hope you enjoy the designs and grow with us. We're not a huge company. If you wanna talk to the president, its just as easy as arranging a meeting at the local coffee shop across the street from a world famous surf break. See you in the lineup.